Monday, February 27, 2012

is this really my first post for 2012?

Why yes it is! As I recently tweeted, the year didn't officially start until I dreamed of Rauan Klassnik and that only happened a few days ago. Whenever I dream of Rauan I know I'm in a very special dark place that is guaranteed to lead to somewhere psychically horrific. I can't wait. In this dream Rauan dropped me off at a psychiatric hospital so I could pick up my meds. There were a lot of poets in this hospital. Gasp. I know. One poet tried to discourage me from buying a dozen chocolate doughnuts, but not only did I buy them, I reported her to her manager. That's right, don't stand between me and my psychic doughnuts. The sweetest part was that Rauan was still there waiting to pick me up when I finished with my doughnut business at the hospital. Good thing too, because I left my purse with all my money in his car. So now you're wondering, if Rauan had my purse, how did I buy those doughnuts? Beats me. Obamacare?

This year's sabbatical is going well so far. I've written more these past two months than I did in the past two years. I don't mean to gloat, but the relief I feel right now knowing that I'm not going to AWP in a couple days--it's like I burned every ill-fitting bra I ever owned.

I'm a lady poet, hear me wheeeeeeeeeeee.

I'm recording dreams with poets almost every day. That is, when I'm not dreaming of the Hunger Games.


Here's a poem in Map Literary that I managed to write during my 2 year dry spell. It's a rarity and due to scarcity it will likely become very valuable, so you should probably read it. Wheeeeeeee.