Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Day of NaPoWriMo Dream

On this last day of NaPoWriMo, with one poem from God Damsel left to write, I dreamed this between snooze alarms:

Sarah Connor broke into a corporation run by the mob. She is frantically photocopying/printing documents, information from the company that she needs. There's a young male employee with her, a slovenly, slacker-type who's cracking jokes. He does not get the seriousness of the situation. Sarah senses that the terminators are near and tells the employee they need to go. He doesn't understand what's happening so she points to the security monitor. It shows rooms full of dead employees and the mob's heavily armed security forces shooting large machine guns. The security forces are quickly mowed down.

Sarah takes the employee to another room, perhaps a safer one, and continues to print out the documents that she needs.

* * *

One poem (slovenly, slacker employee) left to write. I must hurry.


  1. Hi Reb --- I like the look & simplicity of the new blog. It looks like Spring, what with new beginnings of projects & all.

    I posted your dream at the Dream Gazette, with a link to your new blog. Hope that's okay.

    I look forward to reading God Damsel when it comes out.

    I'm wondering if you ever used the Tarot to write in any way, even if just writing poems to/about/in response to the major arcana. Interesting that you laid them out as a narrative. I always felt they created a sort of narrative & map when laid out, too (many moons ago). Maybe everybody does it that way; not sure.

    Good luck with projects old & new! Take care.

  2. Hi Lynn, dreams here are fair game for Dream Gazette.

    I haven't used the Tarot with my poem writing, not yet at least, but maybe it's something to consider.