Sunday, November 14, 2010

hot poetics

I was walking Gideon to school the other day and he pointed out a boy in his class:

G: That's ____, he's cool. And hot.

I was a little take aback hearing a 5 year-old call another 5 year-old hot. Later I asked him what "hot" meant. Here are the possibilities:

Somebody who's really cool.

Somebody who dresses really fancy and all the girls crowd around.

Somebody with nice, dark clothes.

Somebody who appears on the News making the girls and other people gather around that boy.

Chris suggested a meter where someone can be so cool they go all around the meter and get to hot.

Gideon told Chris that he didn't understand because he was a man.

I asked Gideon if he was hot. He said sometimes he was hot, sometimes he was cool, but really, there's no word to describe him.

1 comment:

  1. It's like that old Pop-Tarts jingle: "So hot they're cool, so cool they're hot."