Tuesday, January 25, 2011

. . .

I'm hardly blogging here. I am blogging, sort of, on a private, password protected blog that you'll never see. I'm the only reader. Suppose that makes me some sort of hermit blogbitch. Probably.

I fear that this does not bode well for my upcoming AWP experience. It's all valid, right? No Tell will be sharing a table with Bloof Books at the Book Fair. Come by and visit. There will be non-stop author signings. We'll also be doing an awesome raffle with Cooper Dillon -- the winner will receive ALL of our titles and additional swag. On Saturday Gideon and Chris will be around, helping push the product. Mama needs a new pair of book ends, if you know what I mean, yes, I think you do. On Friday afternoon I'll be doing a panel with the Barrelhouse guys about DC lit mags. And that's it. That's plenty. Actually, it feels like way too much, but I'm committed and you all know how responsible I am. I'm not doing any off-site readings or events. I opted out.

Sadly, I don't know a whole lot about DC itself and haven't been any help to people asking for recommendations on where to hold their own events. I'm sorry for that. I have no idea where the conference hotel is in relation to anything else. I'll GPS it Weds night on my way there. I live and spend all my time in the safety of my suburb, snorting bath salts and walking the strip malls while reading DC-based lit mags. That's how I roll.

In other news, we watched the first two Lord of the Rings movies this weekend with Gideon. At the Battle of Helms Deep, when the elven archers arrived to help, my eyes welled up. I fucking love those elves.