Sunday, March 2, 2014

AWP Booty

Here's a list of what I brought home from AWP Seattle:

The Poet Tarot deck & The Poet Tarot Guidebook (Two Sylvias Press)

Sky Rat by Rauan Klassnik (Spork Press)
Blud by Feng Sun Chen (Spork Press)
All Hopped Up on Fleshy Dumdums by Lara Glenum (Spork Press)

Natural History Rape Museum by Danielle Pafunda (Bloof Books)

The Opposite of Work by Hugh Behm-Steinberg (JackLeg Press)

These Things Happen by Adam Deutsch (Dusie)

The Primer of Zinnie Lucas by Sara Pennington (Cooper Dillon Books)

Of Dublin and Other Fictions by Nuala Ni Chonchuir (Tower Press)

Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer by Abraham Smith (Action Books)
Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream by Kim Hyesoon, translated by Don Mee Choi (Action Books)
Rain of the Future by Valerie Mejer, edited by C.D. Wright (Action Books)
The Parapornographic Manifesto by Carl-Michael Edenborg (Action Books)

A Table That Goes on for Miles by Stefania Heim (Switchback Books)
Manifest by Cynthia Arrieu-King (Switchback Books)
Red Missed Aches / Read Missed Aches / Red Mistakes / Read Mistakes by Jennifer Tamayo (Switchback Books)

Grace Period: Notebooks, 1998-2007 by Aaron Kunin (Letter Machine Editions)
More Radiant Signal by Juliana Leslie (Letter Machine Editions)

In the Air by Peter Gizzi/Richard Kraft (A Manor House Monograph)
Dark Art by James Meetze (A Manor House Monograph)

Nazareth, North Dakota by Tommy Zurhellen (Atticus Books)
Apostle Islands by Tommy Zurhellen (Atticus Books)

oracular by Matthew Klane

Revisioning Red Riding Hood around the World: An Anthology of International Retellings by Sandra L. Beckett (Wayne State University Press)

Fairy Tale Review/The Emerald Issue
Big Bell No. 8
Cardinal Sins (Volume 33, Issue 1)
Women's Review of Books (Volume 39, Issue 6 November/December 2012)

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