Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas, Hope You Like Self Absorbed Rubbish!

I turn 42 on Thursday. Time flies when you're ruling the world.

So here's a little write up by Rauan over at Queen Mob's Teahouse about a review of Bombyonder:

(sighhhhhhhhh) I wish this review had been written about my work. Being compared to Stein and Burroughs! And, really, the reviewer seems to be harboring in his/her over-the-top disgust a kind of admiration and fascination for the work. It’s like the prude in him/her doesn’t want to fall prey to the magic of “ALL those acid induced ideas” (not to mention the abundance of all the “cock” and “penis.”)

Speaking of Queen Mob, I've written two new Dreamsplainings, one for Matthew Hittinger and the other for Kirsten Kaschock.

If you want to read Bombyonder (or at least the first part) with a soundtrack, well you can do that here.

Was informed via the comments on this blog that I made 101 at "Scarriet's Hot 100" which means I'm sorta hot, right?

Yep, I still got it.


  1. Your vision is too disturbing for some, but not for Scarriet, which will feature copious excerpts in the weeks to come (along with links to the book's Amazon sale page).

    You were a 1972 Christmas baby, born whilst Bombyonder was doing "the Christmas bombings"!


    Just backing up my above claim with a Wikipedia entry....

  3. That would be awesome -- looking forward to it! Thank you.

    And I was not aware of my birthday bombing!


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