Monday, July 13, 2009

Crossing my line

Poet-heavy dream weekend. Maybe they come around at night because I shun them during the day? Look, it's not me, it's you, er. it's me, all me. God help me.

I enjoyed Law & Order: CI last night. Goldblum was in his usual stellar form, tickling piano keys until the pathetic poetry groupie confessed. Yeah, that was pretty hot. Yeah, I know they showed poets in a despicable light, but I was OK with that. Honestly, I wished the poets were written a bit more despicable. Pimping your girlfriend out for funding? Is that really the best they could come up with?

I did not enjoy Torchwood: Children of Earth. Now after the 3rd episode I was about to write here about how it was the best thing on television. But then the 4th episode broke my heart and the 5th episode ENRAGED me. Seriously, there was no need to write that shit into the script. They could have been dark and disturbing without doing that. I told Chris that I didn't care if the show was cancelled, because that last episode ruined all of Torchwood for me. Chris was incredulous. But I know how I feel and I mean it. Torchwood is dead to me. DEAD.

Friday night after watching the last episode I was worried that I'd have a bunch of effed up Torchwood dreams. I did not. Captain Jack Harkness did make it into the next night's dream, a small role where he was trying to help the spaceship crew. Most of the crew didn't want his help. I'm not sure what all that was about. Just like I have no idea why that security dude was leering at me or why it took me so long to figure out how to close and lock the correct door so I could get a little privacy. I just don't know what any of that was about.


  1. I was also infuriated by Torchwood. There was no point in killing off more of the main characters when they had just lost two others last season. It was beyond dark and disturbing, but I know I'll watch it again. I'm far too invested in all things Who. The best part of the entire five nights was Gwen Cooper's videotaped message about the Doctor and why he's never there. That was chilling. Did you watch any of the last season of Who? Very dark and disturbing, too.

  2. Yes, I saw last season's Dr. Who and liked it a lot, although there were certainly heartbreaking elements to that as well. I can deal with dark, disturbing and heartbreaking -- but it's that "beyond" that you mentioned, I'm becoming acutely aware of my boundaries and that last episode of Torchwood crossed over it.

  3. Russell T. Davies is one dark bastard. Even in the Sarah Jane Adventures -- which is supposed to be for younger kids -- he did this episode in the last series where SJ finally found out what happened to her parents: She sent them to their own death when she went back in time, which is just as line-crossing as what Captain Jack did, in my opinion.