Monday, July 20, 2009


I find it incredibly boring to listen to or read someone go on at length about "how busy" they are.

So a simple "I'm busy" will have to suffice here.

We're headed to Stockholm on Thursday.

That's my deadline.

I'm gonna make it, I think.

Hope that doesn't sound too braggy.

But if it does, well hey, what can I say?

Don't hate me cause I got my shit together.

I told Gideon that I'm so excited about Stockholm I'm painting my toenails blue.

Gideon "guesses that's cool."

I'm gonna do it.

I took a test and found out that my aura colors are blue and violet.

Exactly the colors I suspected.

I have often thought about giving my hair either a blue or violet tint.

I just might do it.

Right as I typed that sentence above UPS delivered my blue nail polish.


I'm a longtime Police fan.

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