Thursday, April 22, 2010

I slept almost the entire day. Got up a few times to check email and pick Gideon up from school. I ran the dish washer. Fed the cat. That's about it. I've been up for three hours and could go right back to sleep if I laid down. Despite all that sleep and waking up, I can't remember a single dream. Weird (for me).

April has been a pretty miserable month in terms of health. I hope May is different.

Yesterday I spent some time working on my "little pig bite" dream with someone who's really good at dream interpretation and I think now that I have a better grasp. A pig has many possible interpretations. There's the gluttony and uncleanliness angles. There's the connection to farms and earth (mud). There's pigs in literature: The 3 Little Pigs, Babe, Charlotte's Web. Also, I generally don't eat pork (personal preference, I'm, as Chris says, "ham crazy").

I had trouble fitting any of those meanings into the dream. None really felt right.

It was then suggested that pigs might represent fertility (Celtic, Chinese) and femininity (Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Norse, etc., squeal like pig, anyone?). That's more in line with a dream about pregnancy and birth. And if this is a dream about creative process (which is how I'm interpreting it), it's saying I've already been bitten, despite my denial. A small-town, masculine thinking was also pointed out: a narrow, I know-better-than-you, attitude, while having best intentions, is not taking everything into consideration. I only posted a synopsis of the dream on this blog, leaving out many of the "mundane" details. In the full-dream this is clearer.

So I have a man attitude that's delaying this birth. Not sure what exactly that is--cause I'm always right, but I'll try to think more like a lady and write tonight.


  1. We had pigs when I lived on the farm. They are, by nature, intelligent and clean. Unfortunately, it's the farmers who do not keep the pig habitats clean, not the pigs.


  2. You're absolutely right--not that I have any first hand knowledge, I have certainly heard that. I was more following the lines of "symbolic" thinking--"he lives in a pig-style, pig-pen" etc.