Friday, April 2, 2010

farm camp carnage

A broken thumb!

Nobody knows how.

But how will I eat?

and write?

and type?


  1. Oh that's terrible. I couldn't live without the use of my thumb, certainly not the one on my right hand.

    Hopefully, you'll adapt, but are they your hands? They look like those of a child. I imagine it must be painful.

  2. Yes, Gideon broke his thumb at farm camp, but doesn't know how. It's a slight fracture and it's his left hand, so he'll manage, but yeah, it's going to be an adjustment.

  3. Oh Reb so sorry. Sorry for G too but moms always take it the worst. We remember forever. Kids heal quick that's the best part. Poor little guy. GODDAMN THOSE LITTLE BABY LAMBS!