Monday, January 6, 2014

Drunken Boat

Excerpts from Bombyonder appear in the Debt Folio (edited by Michelle Chan Brown) of Drunken Boat (Issue 18) along with work by Anna Maria Hong, Brian Laidlaw, Caroline Wilkinson, Chris Green, Colleen Abel, Cynthia Cruz, Eugenia Leigh, John Fenlon Hogan, Kara Candito, Kathleen Winter, Kevin Simmonds, Leora Fridman, Mary Moore, Matthew Lippman, Peter Leight, Sandra Lim, Simon Perchik, Welsey Rothman and Will Cordeiro.

Here's a sample:

People with decomposing faces acting normally, like they’re not from around here, like they have to graduate from someplace before their jaws collapse, how hideous this looks, trying to get home before I overheat, right away, I mean it, I’m crumbling, crumbling, oh, what a kind bomb, what a kind bomb.
Taking the wrong way out, how to get out of the hole your blown, on the wrong side and far from where I want to be, wrong direction, wrong road, misspelled and completely wrong, the wrong version, wrong part, wrong elevator, what he’s saying is wrong, something wrong with his face, my logic rubbed him wrong.
His face as the early stages of composition. 
Was I wrong to be bombed?
Wrong again, wrote down the wrong number, paying attention in meaningful ways amounting to broader potholes, wrong side of the road, that spiral staircase is probably unsafe, wrong address, wrong contact, typing the password wrong, got my order wrong, wrong shoes, make a right, wrong turn, wrong lane, right back where I started, I said Andrew Carnegie built this, I meant Rauan shattered this and named it Rauanelot then changed it to Atlanrauan.
Rauan’s name as the streaming piss from a fire hydrant’s nightmares.
Rauan sinking all his names, sinking along the time span when I could distinguish one man from another by his name, these brand identities reflecting how he once wished to be reflected in our shields, so wrong, Rauan, trend transcendence isn’t how you impress a busy mom, you’re simply not a name she can trust.

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