Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Preschool has been out for the past two weeks, so wow, I have very little time to "myself" these days. Not that the time isn't being put to good use.

Today Gideon and I spent an hour perusing the craft store. Somehow I always walk out of there spending twice what I do on a normal grocery store run. We buy all this stuff to create our incredibly hideous art that we give to our most beloved family and friends. This afternoon we made some stank ass potpourri from my mother's day roses. I screwed up and bought spanish moss instead of oak moss, so in a pinch I used some cinnamon sticks and nutmeg as the fixative. The "light rose" essential oil wasn't so light and I have no idea which part of a rose this smell comes from, but I'm pretty sure my hands reek of rose ass. Or rose fart. Or rose after two hours at the gym. Or perhaps rotting dumpster rose corpse. All I can say is that our beloved family and friends need to start practicing their "what a lovely gift!" faces cause in two weeks this newest sense offense is going to be ready to gift!

As I type this Gideon is next to me with his laptop, looking at the "French Revolution" Wikipedia page. It's been up for five minutes and he's intently looking at it. I never met a kid who couldn't read who preferred looking at text instead of pictures. Last week he somehow brought up the Facebook login page. I don't know how he got to that. Chris and I are discussing which domains we should block access. Gideon is not allowed on Facebook. Facebook is for stalkers, creeps and his mother.

Now he's taking Chris' copy of The Battle of Kursk to read on the deck


yesterday he performed a song on his guitar called "I don't need you" (that's my boy!)

and that has been our summer vacation so far.

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