Thursday, February 18, 2010

my precious

Ha, I just spent the last hour writing a long, winding blog entry on how I am now better directing my energy and focus.

Halfway through, I deleted it because I decided that I didn't want to direct anymore of my precious energy into writing about my precious energy.

Basically it comes down to despite saying no to most people, I realize that I still managed to overextend myself through August.

There goes 2010.

What I mean to say, there goes my desire for a tranquil 2010.

Tomorrow I'm buying a bunch of plane tickets to places.

I'm excited about the places, but not the flying.

I'm not afraid to fly, I just loathe airlines.

I wish Amtrak ran trains to Europe.

It's not official yet, but it's looking like Gideon will be embarking on his second international trip this summer.

I promised him that this time I won't try to force him to eat a chocolate croissant.

Sometimes you have to let your children experience life on their own terms.

Even if their terms are totally stupid.


  1. This sounds promising, mixed perhaps but promising. And where do you fit in with the travel plans? Are they directed by you or around you?

  2. A few of the trips are invitations I accepted to read or speak to classes. The Europe trip is business travel for my husband. Whenever he goes somewhere "good" I try to work out a way that I (and now Gideon) can go along. We have to pay for our airfare and other expenses, but it's a free hotel and often a handful of (nice) meals covered, so it's usually a pretty good bargain.