Wednesday, February 3, 2010

They're predicting another thousand feet of snow this weekend. This is one of those boys vs. girls issues in the Livingston-Morrow abode. The boys love the snow, the girls (me and Darla, the cat) do not. I ventured into the snow on December 5 and the following day I broke my ass. I'm still emotionally scarred. If we do get a lot of snow, I'm staying indoors. I'm not getting back on that front stoop. I will live my life as the hobbit recluse I have become and I'll like it.

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  1. So far this year here in the fun fun Northwest, I have seen a grand total of about 5 flakes of snow. Although I must admit having seen maybe half an inch on the ground a little north of here when I drove up there once, and of course we can see snow on the mountain tops around us. But no actual snow at home yet. Warmest January ever recorded here. Fun stuff!

    But I wouldn't mind some snow, because I'm a boy.