Sunday, March 28, 2010

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I was delighted to find this brief mention of God Damsel by Rigoberto González at Critical Mass (the National Book Critics Circle blog):

The inhabitants of this sexy, sometimes eyebrow-raising collection of prose poems appear to have been plucked out of ancient fairytales, but their actions, conflicts and desires speak all too clearly about the stories getting spun in the world we live in today.

Other new titles by Oliver de la Paz, Craig Santos Perez, Julie R. Enszer and more are mention too.

In a more unusual acknowledgement, my poem "That's Not Butter" included in Best American Poetry 2006 made the "Elite Eight" at a blog called Scarriet.

My sister asked: how do poems win?

I really don't know.

What I do know is that my poem was included in a group of 64 BAP selections and then it advanced to 32 and then my poem beat a Donald Justice poem and then nobody could believe it, but my poem upset a Kenneth Koch poem (and "TNB" received a thoughtful close reading in the process) and now I'm up against a poem by Bernard Welt who apparently is trashing talking my womanness here.

I can explain it no better than that.

Lastly, I'll be reading this Thursday, 8pm at the Schwartz Center Theater Lab at Emory University with Matt Hart and Abe Smith. If you're in Atlanta, please come by and hear us read.

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