Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This morning I dreamed that I was sitting in front of my bathroom vanity with a Jungian analyst, a psychiatrist and Chris. We were having a session to discuss my dreams. The psychiatrist and Chris were quiet. The psychiatrist used my ironing board as a writing desk. I went to my purse to get my dream print-out, but I forgot to bring it. I tried to recount them by memory, but all I could remember was "there was this hulk."

I think I was trying to tell them about my dream from the day before. There was a murderous giant from another dimension. At first I was thinking like Andre the Giant, but on further thought, this giant was much more like Jaws from James Bond. He was really terrifying and cruel. My dream giant didn't have a metal mouth, he did use a metal chain-like thing to kill people--including someone who turned out to be my mother from the other dimension. She was kind of carnival-like, short, blonde mullet, beard. She was working on a computer underground, accessible by a manhole. The giant came to get information (addresses) but when she failed to give him the address of a children's center, he beat her to death. Fortunately she had the ability to regenerate and come back to life, so she was able to warn me (and my grown daughter, and her baby). Anyhow there was a lot more to this dream, a painting, a Guantanamo Bay from another dimension, soldiers, teachers, a living teddy bear that needed sunshine and water that I forgot about, money, three adult children from the other dimension I recently learned of, etc. I'm dreaming a lot about other dimensions and holes. As you might assume, often these holes open up to lead to these dimensions. Or sometimes they instill fear and paranoia. Aside from man-giants, I also dream of many items that I describe as "giant" in my notes. Something big must be coming.

But what have I dreamed of hulks? That's more specific.

8/2/2009: Gideon is running a marathon. I find an Incredible Hulk tee that I want him to wear for the race, but can't find the matching sweatpants.

7/1//2009: A caretaker at a home for children turns into the Incredible Hulk and playfully wrestles a "giant" alligator.

7/21/2008: John Ashbery lies on a bed, asserts that difficulty/complexity is superior to straight-forward, easier to understand art. I challenge him, then concede he's correct. Ashbery teaches Gideon how to play "uncle" with two pieces of cardboard, one to represent Gideon and the other to stand for another little boy. Gideon already knows how to play and forces the little boy to say "uncle" three times before he's released. I tell Ashbery that Hulk Hogan already taught Gideon how to play. I add that Hulk Hogan isn't very smart. Ashbery nods his head.

This is some powerful, freaky animus energy I'm working with and it wants my babies!

"The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!"

Thank god for feministhulk.


  1. That's some series of dreams, and as you say, 'some powerful, freaky animus energy'. Good luck with it. It'll be interesting to see how it all evolves for you. There's something to say for the pre-cognitive quality and symbolic nature of dreams. These are terrific.

  2. I always thought Jaws wasn't evil, just misunderstood.

  3. For my sake, I hope you're right.