Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte and Van Cleef & Arpels Oriens arrived an hour ago. I sprayed them on different arms. Gideon loves both of them. So do I.

I'm gonna smell myself all night long.

Now I have a new problem.

They came with *8* free samples.

It's a vicious cycle.

I haven't tried any of them yet (cause I'm currently wearing 3 perfumes I absolutely love and don't want to harsh my bliss), but will likely use them during my summer travels after the love affair with my two new perfumes tempers down.

Hermes Voyage d’Hermes - this is a unisex fragrance, resh wood and musk. I probably won't like it. If a dude could wear it, I doubt it's for me.

Prada L'eau Ambree - incorporates modernized amber, lemon and May rose essences. Dry-down includes patchouli, oppoponax and vanilla. Maybe

Delices de Cartier - features frosted cherry, bergamot, pink pepper, violet, jasmine, freesia, amber, Tonka bean, musk and sandalwood. Ooohhh, actually I already have a sample of this. I love this. I feel very rich when I wear it. I wore it in Tahoe a couple years ago and had a very lucky time at the casino . . . before I blew all my winnings.

Hanae Mori - features strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, red currant, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, vanilla, praline, patchouli and sandalwood. Sounds like it has potential.

Versace Bright Crystal - top notes are pomegranate, Yuzu and frosted accord. Peony and magnolia are in the centre of the composition, while waterly fresh lotus note moderates the intensity and sweetnes of the floral accords. The opulent base introduces amber note extracted from plants, musk and red woods. Versace is one of those labels I admire from afar, but can't really connect with. I'll be interested to discover what I think of the scent.

F for Fascinating Night by Salvatore Ferragamo - opens with aromas of mandarin sorbet and pink pepper, building a floral heart of jasmine and rose, which create a finish of patchouli, amber and white musk. The fragrance is constructed as floral-woody-chypre. Dear Lord, please do not let me like a fragrance called "F for Fascinating Night." F for Fire the cheesedick who came up with that name.

Natori - opens with an effervescent bouquet of fresh rose petals enriched by deep, dark plum notes. The heart is an exotic and alluring hybrid of ylang ylang, purple peony and night blooming jasmine. The bottle is purple. I like purple.

CH by Carolina Herrera - The composition is opened with fresh notes of bergamot, orange, grapefruit and a juicy melon. In the sweet heart there are Bulgarian rose, jasmine and praline. Cinnamon, woody notes and leather lock the composition down. Another maybe.

Eau Parfumee au The Blanc by Bvlgari - another a unisex fragrance, notes are artemisia leaves, white tea, ambrette seeds, white pepper, woody amber and musk. See, I very much want to smell DISTINCTLY like a woman. I don't wish to waft ambiguously. I realize how old-fashioned this makes me, but I've been around the block a few time and realize that clarity is important. This reminds me of a recent dream where I'm a woman, in drag, pretending to be a woman, the whole time worried that someone might think I'm a man pretending to be a woman. Perhaps my aversion to unisex fragrances is a sign that I try too hard to be a woman?

No way, smell my wrists . . . I reek of divine femininity.

I want it no other way.

Reserve your scatological humor for the chick wearing Fresh Cannibis Rose.


  1. I recently got a sample of Voyage D'Hermes. After a gin top note it pretty much smells like Generic Citrus. I don't think you'll love it.

    Prada L'Eau Ambree is like instant drydown. Not a lot of there there.

    I really like Hanae Mori. It's the girliest of the girlies. There's a full review of it in my next column (June 1).

  2. For the Versace, I read, "Poetry and magnolia are in the centre of the composition." It makes a certain kind of sense.

  3. I like Cartier's Delices a lot!