Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ah, of course, it's the Neptunian undertow.

Woke in the middle of the night and committed the cardinal sin of not writing down my dream. Sometimes I'm so sleepy, I convince myself I'll remember and bam, bye bye dream. I woke in the morning and only remembered children announcing the death of the snake queen. I remember feeling relieved to learn of this. In January I had dreamed of an encounter with the snake queen. Let's just say her poison was much stronger than my poison.

Today I had a weird experience. All morning I thought I smelled marijuana--coming from me. Now I don't smoke, anything, there's nothing of the sort in the house, and nobody outside the house was smoking up, so I pondered if maybe that's just what my breath smells like when I eat cupcakes and apples for breakfast. Early in the afternoon I took a brief nap--now that Gideon is in school full-time, I totally can and have absolutely no guilt about that, sleep makes me pretty so who cares how productively I could be using that time. It can fucking wait is my new motto.

I had two dreams during that nap . . . one was about trying to help an old lady mystic figure out which food was poisoned (likely candidate: the pizza). There was also some possible upcoming scandal about people finding out my true relationship with a ladypoet pal of mine. It was strange because the incriminating poems were written years ago--why are people just reading them and putting it all together now?

In the second dream I walked into my "beach" bedroom. The furniture was rearranged, the blankets and curtains were white, it was really nice. I had a bunch of new clothes that I hung in the closet. Each hanger had a different woman's face. I'd tell each hanger how beautiful she was. There was a man in the room helping me. He then pulled out a map and I knew I was dreaming and it was time to pay attention because he was going to tell me something really important. First, he pointed out Neverland and told me I definitely didn't want to go there. He told me that I was currently in Ireland and that I needed to go to three places. The first place was called Homalee (Honalee?) (Homily?) and I need to get the _______ horn. I waited for him to tell me the second two places, but I knew this was all I was getting now and was about to get booted out of my nap.

I woke and racked my brain trying to remember what HORN was it that I was supposed to get. I thought, maybe it was a dragon horn, but I couldn't be sure. Then I thought hey, dragon, PUFF the Magic Dragon and it was Honalee which would totally explain my imaginary weed breath. Or it could be a reference to reclaiming something from childhood. Or it could be a reference to weed from childhood, which would totally fit too.

Last week I had two violent pirate dreams, so I think it's probably good advice to stay out of Neverland. Ireland is a fine place to visit, but I think I'd be depressed if I had to live to live there. So yeah, time I get my ass out of Ireland and on to Honalee.

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