Wednesday, October 13, 2010

today's obvious dream about writing

A bunch of mom-poets are meeting in my laundry room in my basement. This was planned, but I forgot. This is the grungiest room in my house and I'm worried about the litter box not being clean. I tell one of the mom-poets that I'll be right down after I finish cleaning the kitchen.

As I'm wiping down the new appliances, it occurs to me that I sent out an invite for another party at my house at 4pm on Sunday--just a few minutes from now. I hope nobody shows up. I realize I never checked the invite to see who RSVPed. The whole house is a mess and I haven't done anything to prepare. As soon as I remember, people start showing up, lots of poets. I'm quickly trying to clean the house. There's clutter everywhere. Somebody says it's a shame the remodeled kitchen isn't clean, because this would be a great opportunity to show it off. I'm yelling for Chris to do things, go run out to the store, slice some cheese, etc. I realize that I have to offer drinks to the guests. I see the floor needs to be swept, but that's just not going to happen. I tell everyone that there's a separate gathering downstairs for just the mom-poets, but don't feel left out. I joke that the mom-poets are just talking about tampons. Everyone laughs.

Then time goes back a few hours. I remember the party and while it'll be tight, I should have just enough time to get ready.

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