Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Equalizer

You can either subscribe to The Equalizer by sending an email to the address below, or you can read the installments by downloading at one of the links. Readers are encouraged to forward it to other readers and upload the files on their own websites.

My poems (some appear in 1.3 and some will appear in a later installment) are from God Damsel -- these are my last poems in circulation. At this writing, I have nothing coming up and no poems under consideration anywhere. I have a pile of drafts and fragments that kinda make me sad. I am reworking some, writing new pieces, trying to write something I think is good enough. Is it me or the poems? Still trying to figure that out.

The Equalizer 1.3

Joshua Corey, Stephanie Anderson, Buck Downs, Shanna Compton, Laura Carter, Peter Davis, Alana Dagen, Reb Livingston, Cody Walker, John Cotter, Craig Santos Perez, and Chris Martin.

If you’d like to sign up for The Equalizer mailing list to receive sections as theyre released throughout October 2010, please email theunrulyservant (at) gmail (dot) com.

The Equalizer 1.1 available via HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson.

The Equalizer 1.2 available via HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson.

Oct. 7: The Equalizer 1.4 featuring a selection of John Gallahers Guidebooks.

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