Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hunging Around

This morning I had one of those dreams that forced me to wake. It's my psyche's way of saying "write this down!" If I don't record it, I lose it. I hate losing dreams. So despite only having a couple hours of sleep, at 5:45 a.m. I got out of bed and added my dream to my database.

It was one of those long, winding dreams, with many details and events. I would walk through a door with a woman (I never saw this woman's face, so let's just assume she's my shadow) and we'd enter another realm. In one realm people's faces were decaying, like dried up corpses. There were ghosts with decaying faces tapping people on the street to die. They went up to a group of gang members and tapped them. Guns were pulled and bullets everywhere.

In another realm I was at a fraternity house. I saw men from my college years. They hadn't aged. I became aware that I was dreaming and when that happens I start paying attention to details. There was an older woman inside. I asked questions and she answered them, but I couldn't hear everything. I started to walk away but then realized, she was the HOUSE MOTHER. She's who I've been looking for!

I ran downstairs and asked What is it I'm supposed to know? She didn't answer. Music started playing. It was C&C Music Factory's "Gonna Make you Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" but the words were different. The lyrics were "Respect Yourself." I started dancing around a circular structure with my college friend, Brent. He was wearing a suit and looking pretty fine. I said, Ok, I get the message, but how exactly do I respect myself? He mentioned a time when we spoke and I remembered everyone's names. Without trying. Naturally.

Next I danced with past-boyfriend, Marcus. Two Marcuses, actually, current Marcus and young Marcus (when we dated in college). Current Marcus said You wrote ______ Fiji, that was good too. I was confused, then I realized he was referring to God Damsel. I told him that I liked Young Marcus better.

Then Matt Hunging approached me. Who's Matt Hunging? I don't know, but I knew him in the dream. I think he was from both realms, frat boy and soon-to-be corpse. His face was starting to decay, there was something stuck in his mouth, or cutting it. He was gruesome and I didn't want him near me. He wanted to take me away from this realm. He was disrespectful, he fondled my breast. I yelled. Then I woke.

* * *

Decay, death and corpses generally don't bother me in dreams (unless it's something I love). Some things need to decay and die.

Matt Hunging, hurry up and decompose already! It's difficult to respect oneself with you around.

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  1. Your dreams rule! And sorry for taking the bear/dolphin/bloody rainbow pic for my profile - it was just too awesome.