Tuesday, May 5, 2009


While it's sometimes considered cliche, my thinking is a little closer to this. That's in line with the concept of Fool that I'm writing about here.

The idea of Fool that I'm drawn to is "the newly incarnated soul, a blank slate free of the imprints it is soon to receive from the society of men." This is supposedly what children arrive as -- although anyone who's been around a young child having a nightmare, knows that's not truly the case. We don't come with a purely blank slate, there's DNA, collective consciousness, past life remnants (if you believe in that stuff).

It's a blanker slate. No one can remain in such a state, or at least we're not supposed to. It would be deadly to remain Fool/child for an extended period of time. Eventually chasing the ball into the lion's mouth with end with your death.

But it's not a bad place to try to get to every once in a while. Especially for poets.

What I want to attain is not anti-experience or ignorance, but to restart from a less tainted (informed) place, a blanker place and regather experience, which hopefully would be in new, more enlightening way. I'm looking for the Fool's Journey.

Getting to the blanker place is the challenge. Forgetting what one knows is not easy -- even with a magic ring.

Today Gideon and I pondered how his toy car's roof sunk in.

I proposed: Maybe an elephant sat on it?

Gideon proposed: Maybe while we were asleep the stars used their imagination and smashed it with a hammer?

Clearly I have a ways to go.

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