Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just got back from Ron Silliman & Rae Armantrout's reading at Fall for the Book. It was the first time I heard either read and I wasn't disappointed.

I was "recognized" by the young man sitting next to me.

He's a reader of this blog.

Yesterday I learned that two students put together a No Tell Motel Fan Page.

I will be wearing a disguise and calling myself Esmerelda at the publishing panel I'm participating in tomorrow.

Poet Paparazzi, stay back.


  1. Dear Reb,

    Did you happen to take notes, such that you might be able to post set lists of what Silliman and Armantrout read?

    Perhaps a highlight or two?

    Even a snippet of something about what you heard from the poets would be great.

    And thanks.

  2. Steven, I never take notes at readings, so this is to the best of my memory a few days later . . . Ron read from three different texts: a essay from Grand Piano about his childhood and family, a piece from The Alphabet (I think it was called "force") and another section from The Age of Huts. I remember his essay the best, a sentence about being surprised that his grandfather had a friend stands out. Rae read from Versed and a new manuscript called Money Shot. She was funny. Sorry, I don't retain lines from memory very well.

  3. ... and you're in Madam Mayo's BLOGS NOTED:

    Blog on!

    Your fan, C.M. Mayo

  4. Woohoo! Too bad I haven't found much time to blog recently.