Monday, September 14, 2009

This past week I dreamed of finding a field of corpses and crying, riding a train with a corpse, being turned away from a meditation school because the guru said I didn't have the right temperament and a teenage girl with keys to my house.

Last night I dreamed that my ride arrived, it was a Kleenex box with holes cut out on top. I did my I Dream of Jeannie impersonation and turned into smoke to get inside. When we had trouble taking off, I told everyone to visualize a large rocket connected to the box. When we had trouble navigating the wind and doors, I told everybody to visualize taking control with our arms. We were doing well. Then a man told me he didn't like me pushing my visualization techniques on others.

When I woke, I asked my spiffy new pendulum if the man represented a part of me or something external. The pendulum explained that this man is part of me and that I'm supposed to ignore him. I was relieved to learn that. I bet that man attends that snooty meditation school. Yeah well, I don't need them telling me how to work my psychic powers. My visualization techniques flew that Kleenex box. It's not about the degree or who you study with, it about what you can do.

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