Thursday, October 29, 2009

After selecting the "shield" card I dreamed:

I was driving to a book/bake sale held at a church in a small town. It was a stop on the way to somewhere else and I was two hours late. When I finally got there, I pulled into a parking garage and my car wheels became tangled in rope. The garage attendant pushed me out of the way as he went to fix the wheels. I exclaimed, "Just when I think I caught break!"

that Chris finally fessed up about the time he flew to Honduras to rescue his former girlfriend back in high school. I was hurt because it meant he lied about his "first time" (getting a passport).

that Clyde (our dearly departed cat) peed on somebody's carpet.

of pretty pair of earrings I was likely to return because I didn't want to pay for them.

that I realized a blogger poet would be on the same panel as Chris at an upcoming conference in Japan.

* * *

I should deflect negativity by:

being more conscious of time?

not having high expectations that things will go smoothly and according to plan?

staying out of the way of aggressive attendants?

being less sensitive?

letting the past stay behind me?

accepting that I have to shell out for nice things in life?

not allowing my cats to pee on people's carpets?

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