Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another exhausting, taxing parenting effort on my part:

Being more aware of what I'm saying in earshot of Gideon.

Recently he asked, "Mommy, what's a dick move?"

We were in a car, listening to a radio program (not of my choosing) and I verbalized my reaction to a commenter who suggested President Obama should refuse the Nobel Peace Prize.

Come on, that WOULD be a dick move.

But there must be some other way to phrase such a sentiment.

I know in my heart of hearts there must be another way.

Is there a charm school for profane parents?

Preferably one that offers online classes.


  1. "that would be an inappropriately phallic gesture."

  2. Which would be creepier coming out of a 4 year old's mouth:

    "dick move"


    "inappropriately phallic gesture"


    I'm torn.

  3. Dick move is a great expression. Somehow in my experience kids seem to learn what's swearing and appropriate in private and what's appropriate in public. They also learn about the feelings behind the words. That's life.