Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the death of my ass or how I ruined poetry for all y'all

Wondering what the urge/incentive is for "successful" or "high profile" writers (and editors) to crap on the rest of the struggling, less successful writers? How many "death of" or "_____ is ruining literature" declarations really need to be made, over and over, every other week?

Is it a desire to set oneself apart from the pack? Killing the competition? Is is the threat of becoming bacon and having to move over for something leaner? The fear of the changing and unknown? I honestly don't know, but am always incredibly annoyed when I come across these articles on what seems to be a more frequent basis.

What is the purpose for publishing these limp declarations? Controversy=page hits=advertising revenue/subscriptions/book sales? Is anyone else tired of all these inflated, made-up controversies and declarations of DOOM? It's feels emotionally manipulative. Is feels like somebody is trying to shove the rabid soul of a teabagger down my throat.

Ew, don't I know it . . . and no thank you.

Speaking of death, today is a friend's birthday and I drew a Tarot card for her. Yes, you guessed it, DEATH. Does that mean she's doomed? No. It means the end of a cycle. And what comes after the end of every cycle? That's right, a new cycle. Gideon is in preschool and understands this concept. It's called the changing of the seasons, the harvest, ringing in a new year, graduating and moving on to kindergarten.

Do you see what's rising in the background? That's right, it's called the fucking DAWN.


  1. These articles do seem to be appearing more frequently than even, say, 5 years ago.

  2. I can't say I'm a fan of such - I write 'fringe' work (i prefer that to any of the other monikers, which seem to peer down at other literatures), but don't feel the need to rag on others - In a lot of cases it's either (if they're of the 'post-avant' bent - how I hate that term...) messianically lusting after a wider audience whose taste needs re-educating, or not getting it so thinking it's a con, or pretentious (hey, I'm just having fun - but people seem to think that's a poetic no-no as well... sigh

  3. Twenty or thirty years ago, one day at work I overheard a conversation between a couple of the women there, something to the effect that "a friend of mine, she hasn't been to the doctor in like ten years, but she just went to a gynecologist, and found out that she has cervical cancer, only they caught it really early, so the doctor said her chances are really good. And the reason she just decided to go to the doctor was that she does Tarot readings, and when she was doing Tarot readings for herself lately, her Death card kept turning up."

    Having told this here, it occurs to me now that maybe people who keep seeing the Death card turning up for poetry (or whatever else) really should just go to the doctor and get it checked out. Maybe it would improve their chances.

    Just a thought...