Monday, January 11, 2010

God Damsel Available on Lulu

God Damsel is available for purchase at Lulu. It'll be available at retail outlets in the coming month, although if you plan on purchasing it and don't have a strong preference, it's considerably better for the press if you purchase via Lulu (the royalties minus the retail and distribution costs are 3x). If you really love a particular retail outlet, that's fine. A sale is a sale and you'll have that option soon.

IF YOU PURCHASE FROM LULU by January 31, you can use coupon code: READMORE2010 for 10% off.

Next week I'll receive my copies. If you're interested in a review copy, please contact me.

Cover Design: Mary-Behm Steinberg

What people are saying about God Damsel:

Just because fairy tales don’t exist doesn’t mean we don’t need them—need their promise of a happily ever after—need their heightened, fanciful language to infuse our flat, modern vernacular with pomp and poof and oompf—but need especially their infusion of momentous meaning into our seemingly pointless actions and humdrum adult lives. Through that hole of need enters Reb Livingston’s stunning God Damsel: a pyrotechnic, syntactical orgy wherein the speaker’s both creator and victim of a world that mirrors our own in disappointment and loss. She’s a creator of her own language, yet a victim of the limitations of all language. The poems are like the bizarre, hybrid-mutant animals slithering around the island of Dr. Moreau—cross-breeds of humor, whimsy, sharp intelligence, and deep—near unspeakable—sadness. I can hear Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls eerily reciting from God Damsel, like a primer, in unison. Do avoid the dreaded Woe-Dodo, and take a stroll through the puffy pink clouds (careful to avoid the inky-icky black pits) of God Damsel-land.

–Jennifer L. Knox

Reb Livingston (hymnographer, crier of laments, wry chronicler of blockages, seepages and Thingamabobs) combs the spiritual runes, tunes and ruined stockings that remain after traffic between the sexes. God Damsel is a fractured, fractious and funny allegory which just might get biblical on your ass. Check it out.

–Tom Beckett


  1. Delightful cover- I hope to get it as soon as I get paid!

  2. I'm buying it soon! I have a list of Lulu books to purchase, so with yours I've reached critical mass.

  3. Yay and thank you Shann & Collin. If you buy before January 31, be sure to use the discount code. I think it'll work on all the books (definitely will work on mine).