Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rauan hasn't been to any more committee meetings since the agents took him away. Rauan also hasn't been driving me around anymore either. In fact, on Saturday first I dreamed that I got brand new car and the next dream Chris and I were being driven around Paris by a talking, female blow-up doll. I was concerned that maybe she wouldn't be a safe driver, but she was fine. Those lady blow-up doll drivers sure get a bad rap.

I'm hoping, for Rauan's sake, he wasn't sent to my psyche's Guantanamo Bay. That place is fucked up.

Today I dreamed that I was riding on a bus to get to train station. Looks I'm going back to a transitional stage. Crap. I just got out of one a few weeks ago. Well, I generally prefer travel by train, so maybe this won't be so arduous. The bus ride was a mixed bag. There was this guy going through our bags, doing stand-up. Even though he was sometimes funny, he was still annoying. We're riding on a bus, just give us some fucking peace already. Then some other guy asked wanna-be comedian guy what tribe he belonged to and then told him that he didn't belong in that tribe, he belonged in another--the situation got tense. I didn't quite understand the tribal politics, but knew the comedian guy was deeply offended. The ride improved, the man sitting next to me gave me a little juice glass filled with champagne, we started kissing and that was OK.

Still, travel by train is by far preferable.

As long as Rauan isn't the conductor.

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