Saturday, January 2, 2010

So far three poets dreamed in 2010--each already included in last year's anthology. I hope this anthology doesn't become some stale project mocked by the youthful poets for its predictability and lack of risk taking.

Oh, big surprise, Reb dreamed of _______. Again.

The dream with the three poets was in a classroom. One of the poets was the teacher. He showed another poet's poem video (like a music video) to the class. It was amazing, strange and surreal. There were multiple voices. The third poet scoffed and said he didn't like difficult poems. The class was dismissed early. I wanted to go to sleep, but had something I needed to recycle. I couldn't find the correct bin to put it in. So I was like, screw it, and looked for a garbage can. I couldn't find a garbage can either. I had this thing and not a clue what to do with it.

* * *

I recorded 4 recycling and 5 garbage dreams in 2009.

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