Sunday, March 14, 2010

bard on friday

Aside from the crap weather during my drives to and from, I had a really good time in Poughkeepsie and at my reading at Bard College. It was one of those poet-studded nights, in attendance: Elizabeth Bryant, Geof & Nancy Huth, Celia Bland, Lea Graham, Anne Gorrick, Lynn Behrendt and I think Robert Kelly. I wore a cream knit tunic with sage asymmetrical jacket and skinny jeans. Lea wore a dress. Anne wore a pink No Tell Motel tee. Celia had a long scarf. The rest I can't remember.

You can hear the reading here. Part 1 is Celia. Part 2 is poems from Your Ten Favorite Words and Part 3 is poems from God Damsel. I briefly describe Jill Essbaum's role in its genesis.

The reading was held in Bard Hall, which is a chapel. I've read in bars, coffee shops, bookstores, auditoriums, classrooms--and it never felt right. Now I realize, that's because I'm supposed to read in chapels. From here on out, if you want to invite me to read, my requirement is that the venue is a chapel. That's in addition to my current "no brown m&ms" requirement.

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  1. That was indeed Robert Kelly, and his wife Charlotte Mandell, a luminary in her own right to be sure.

    I want a tshirt! Going to hunt one down now...