Monday, March 8, 2010


Speaking of my own readings, the card that showed up as my outcome in my past four spreads is The Hermit. That's kind of like my fantasy right now although it seems out of reach. That profound need for retreat, but well, commitments and responsibilities. Maybe it's possible. I'm considering going a week with minimal internet. That would be a retreat of sorts. That's about all I think I could retreat from right now, without canceling travel and events, something I'd rather not do. Or I could wait until mid April when I'll have more flexibility. Maybe retreat comes then.

The meaning of the card is not retreat for the sake of being anti-social. The hermit is the "wise old man" and his purpose would be for contemplation and insight. He offers an inward light to dispel spiritual chaos and darkness. He's connected to meaning that bears new hope. Although if one is not ready for the message, it could easily be misinterpreted.

This weekend I had two dreams of beautiful, tranquil places. In one I had just arrived (Brussels) and in another the pilot of my plane flew low to show the passengers a new place with large, newly-blooming flowers and a pristine beach.

Of course in another dream I wiped my behind with a $100 bill and threw it away. Is that my rejection of materialism or my dumbassery of not recognizing and holding on to something of value?

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