Friday, March 19, 2010


Over dinner I told Chris about my scorpion dream and mentioned the recurring bug spray imagery. He pointed out something that I forgot. During my AOL days on the tech floor, I was nicknamed the Debug Queen.

I thought more about that this evening. The whole debug thing was only supposed to be a last resort, when all else failed. It was tricky and there was a chance the customers on the phone could mistype something, really screw up their computers. But I used debug all the time because I failed to grasp a really simple, basic concept to fixing a comm port shift in the Control Panel. Turns out that fix was all about smoke and mirrors and well, that's just not my bag. I didn't realize I didn't understand. I just assumed I was unlucky. Or maybe I just didn't believe in the Control Panel, just like I didn't believe in God. So I ended up always doing it the hard way. And I got damn good at doing it the hard way. Shit, I was hard way royalty.


  1. A composer acquaintance of mine lived for a time in Texas. One day he put on a pair of underpants and was shocked to discover that there was a scorpion nestled within which was now crawling all over his doodads. I believe he improvised a dance which was not so distant kin to the Tarantella.