Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chris and I both have our 20 year high school reunions coming up. Because I switched school districts mid-high school, I have two, but am only going to one because the other conflicts with a family beach trip. Besides, one 20 year reunion (plus tag along to spouse's) is plenty, don't you think?

This brought up the question, what is Chris going to wear? I'm easy. I have a closet full of dresses and can buy off the rack.

But Chris, Chris is a very tall man. He's 6'8. He's a 37" inseam. His shirts are 17.5" neck with a 37" sleeve -- these sizes are difficult to find, especially in something that isn't totally basic. These sizes rarely go on sale. He's a 46L suit, common enough, but it has to be a cut broad enough for his shoulders and chest. Many designers don't fit properly. Because he dresses casually for work, he doesn't need a lot of fancy clothes. Which is good because it's all wildly expensive. He has a suit, 6 or 7 dress shirts, a pair of slacks and a sport jacket. Weddings, funerals, meetings, presentations--covered. He's been covered for a long time. So it didn't occur to me until a couple days ago that that he might have wore that same sport coat to the last reunion, um, 10 years ago. Maybe not. I vaguely have a recollection of a dark green button down. Definitely the same pair of black slacks, but possibly he got the jacket closer to 8 years ago. Neither of us can remember. Because we're middle-aged.

Either way, it was clear that it was time for a wardrobe update.

Did you know that the fashionable young men wear earthtones and the old fogeys wear grays? When I worked at a men's clothing store (in the, um, late '80's) it was the other way around. Now those young men are the fogeys. Cycle of life shit. I'm falling behind.

The sales associate asked Chris if he wanted to project the message of "success" or "cool" at his reunion.

I told Chris that he didn't need to project success, he was already successful.

We decided to give "cool" a try.

Hah hah hah.

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