Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Guess the Dream Poet (2013) - Part 1

Guess which poets listed (or possibly omitted) in the below dream anthology belongs in the blanks.

* * *

I'm at a party. A bunch of us are talking smack about _______. I talk some smack about him/her and his/her dad. _______ walks into the party. I sit on a chair in the corner and revise my book. It has the same black cover as The Memory Reader, but it's a draft of my book mixed in with an anthology that I edited.

_______ sits next to me and asks about the book. He/she clearly feels very confident and back in his/her game because he/she says, "Let's go make love." 

I snap back, "Absolutely not" so quickly and forcefully that he/she seems taken aback. I say that I'm sorry, but I need to be very clear on this matter.

* * *

I'm in a storage room talking about prom gowns and how they're so casual these days. Then I'm in a theatre audience watching a play where women sing, including Kristin Stewart and _______, sing from caskets. They sounds great.

Someone passes out gifts to the women in the play who are sitting in the audience. They're receiving beautiful, sparkling jewelry. ______ gets me a gift too. At first it looks like inexpensive costume jewelry bracelets, but after looking at it closer, I realize that it's four unmatched (right-handed) gloves. One is long and seems like it would keep my book-holding arm warm when rest of me is under a blanket reading. I'm not sure if I would use these single gloves and am considering taking them back to the store for a refund, but it doesn't seem like I'd get a lot of money for them.

* * *

_______ wants to charge a $20 reading free to encourage poets only to send their best work. Some guy and I agree that's a jerk thing to do.

* * *

I'm in bed with JFK talking about a book about JFK that I'm reading. There's some confusion about the author and which book I'm reading. The cover looks like Black Antoinette: The Work of Olaf Hajek. Then I'm in bed with some other guy that I don't want JFK to know about.  Then it switches again and I'm in bed with _______.

* * * 

I'm in a neighborhood in Homestead called Baby Uplands. I tell __(poet 1)__ that he/she should tell his/her friend, Baby Shambles (meaning __poet 2__) about this place.

* * *

I'm playing a video matching game with _______. He/she gets the first match. Then I get one too. Now we're supposed to convince some kind of mythological woman to touch us. We walk into a room and there are some scary women with octopus legs. I'm thinking they're not who I'm supposed to get in touch with. I need to find the mythological woman who's more like a mermaid. 

I find her. She's kind to me. I raise my hands, in hopes that she'll touch me, but she walks away abruptly. Then she becomes a man and mansplains to us that to be touched that way would be to take us out of this realm. He says that we should be part of this realm and that this realm has its own magic. Being sent to the other realm makes it so you can't really have contact with this realm. 

I understand all this and I really don't want to go into the other realm, but it's the next thing I'm supposed to do. Reluctantly, the man touches me and I change. He hands me a platter that falls through my hands and onto the floor.

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