Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Guess the Dream Poet (2013) - Part 3

Guess which poets listed (or possibly omitted) in the below dream anthology belongs in the blanks.

* * *

In a pond, there's some kind of creature holding a pearl. I go into the water and grab the pearl. A big schnauzer pursues me, won't leave me alone. I keep trying to push the dog away, give it the slip, but I can't shake it. In the water below a stingray follows the dog. This is a problem because I can't get away from the dog. I can't seem to push either away.

Somehow I get out of the pond. I'm in a childhood room. G is scuttling back and forth really quickly, like a crab. Somehow this all relates back to _______.

* * *

_______ and I are standing around, talking and planning to do something. Right before we do it, someone else does something that lights up the network and beats us to it.

A tunnel-like hole (blackhole, wormhole ?) opens up in the floor just a few feet away. Like looking down into a tunnel into space. G is nearby and I show him, but tell him to be sure not to fall into it because I'll never be able to get him back. G backs up. He sees _______'s coat on the floor, picks it up and drops the coat into the hole to see what would happen. _______ is beside himself/herself and looks at me. I look down the hole and I see that the coat is still stuck at the top, but I don't try to pull it out, seems too dangerous. Then G steps right into the hole and goes down. I see _______'s coat is still stuck at the top, but no G, he fell through. I start to scream. If this is a dream I want to wake up. I fall down to the ground.

I wake up still screaming. I'm in a house, screaming and crawling on the floor. I wonder if possibly I've ended up where G went. I go into an all white room and see a nerdy, Conan Obrien-type man trying to figure something out. I believe that I have no hope of ever getting G back, but I ask the man for help. The man tells me that he has no idea how any of this works.

* * *

I'm at a school function. I'm walking up stairs with G and _______. _______ is holding tightly onto my arm. I ask several times for him/her to let go, but he/she doesn't. I ask him/her to go somewhere else, but he/she doesn't. One of G's teachers walks up the stairs behind us. I feel like we look terrible in front of the teacher. I sent G into the classroom and take _______'s arm, I tell him/her that he/she's not listening and making us look terrible. I then threaten to beat him/her up. _______ is angry with me. I'm angry with _______.

* * *

I'm in a bar. A man follows a woman to a backroom to harass her. I follow and yell at the man. I tell the women not to go back there alone. The women don't seem to appreciate my help. The whole situation makes me very angry.

I hear that __(poet 1)__died. I try to read about it in the Washington Post, but another poet grabs it form me. I read half the story in the Washington Post online, but can't get the whole story because its behind a paywall. The part of the article I read is how he/she'll be missed, the poetry scholarship fund his/her will sets up. Now I'm really sad. I check his/her FB wall to see when the last time he/she posted. It looks like September 10. I'm wondering when he/she died and how. 

I ask __(poet 2)__. __(poet 2)__ says that both __(poet 1)__ and his/her spouse died in their parked car. Another car drove over four layers of cars and on top of theirs. __(poet 2)__ thinks it sounds suspicious. Why did the car do that? Was the driver drunk? Was it intentional? That information is not available.

 __(poet 1)__'s parents are the owners of the bar, working behind the counter. I'd been at the bar all this time and didn't know about their loss. I try to walk into the women's restroom, but hear one of the hostesses speaking to another hostess about getting __(poet 1)__'s dad to come in and help them. Something really gross and awful is going on, a toilet isn't flushing. I say that I don't have to go that bad. For some reason I keep touching the floor (like I'm crawling) in the bar. It's dirty and sticky.

* * *

I'm  joining _______'s press. I'm looking at the Statcounter and the Google Adsense data. A while back the press' website made $28 in one day. It made $4 recently and two $1 days -- from my usage on the website. I'm very impressed. I'm not yet mentioned on the website.

There's a picture of _______ with 3 older ladies. One is Betty White. The picture is taken at a Washington monument. It's kind of arty they're all looking away and sitting in a row. The women are wearing matching t-shirts with a cardigan sweater over top.

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