Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Guess the Dream Poet (2013) - Part 2

Guess which poets listed (or possibly omitted) in the below dream anthology belongs in the blanks.

* * *

I'm talking with _______ about giving advice to people.That it's easy to spend a lot of energy and time answering people's questions and giving guidance, but often they won't actually do the project they're inquiring about. I say that it's good to help people, but not to immerse yourself totally in their work and not to be upset if they don't do the work they say they're interested in.

I walk up the driveway of a childhood home. There's a garden that a guy asked my advice on, but he never followed it. There are plants with blue flowers/pods. I take a few and eat them. They have a drug-like reaction. I'm amazed at how high they make me feel and how powerful. I'm feeling very alive and desirous.

* * *

I'm with my Dad. We're watching a video by _______ My dad is of mixed opinions of _______. He likes some of his/her work, but finds some of _______ disturbing. I don't think he's made a final decision on _______. _______ refers to me in his/her video, something about how he/she likes my work. He/she calls me "Rebecca" instead of Reb.

* * *

_______is on tour for her book. She's standing around, talking to people. She's wearing a skirt. She's pretty and in very good shape. She looks great.

* * * 

I'm in Europe at a dinner. I learn that this meal was planned and that 30 years ago I was part of a study run by a group of nuns. They've been tracking us the whole time to see what became of us.  I have no memory of ever being part of any study. I'm a little skeeved out about it.

I'm dress sloppily for this meal and want to change. I see a friend from high school. She let's me borrow her clothes. I show her a tattoo on my leg. It's smudged, but still there. My friend has this same tattoo. So does _______. 

I'm taking a shower in the middle of a room where people are walking in and out. I'm using _______'s facewash and shampoo.

Now I'm wearing better clothes. I have to two pairs of shoes to choose from: one pair is a purple/burgundy that I fear might be too matchy-match with my pants. The other pair is silver.

A woman who was also part of the study (and remembers it) shows me pictures from that time, when we were children. There also is photograph of a woman listed as a fortune teller.

* * *

Even when vegetables begin ranking and prioritizing they begin with the meat and potatoes of their groups.

There are two groups of poets. Beginning with _______.

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