Monday, December 13, 2010

Astrologically speaking, I should be tucking myself away and scheming on 2011. I'm supposed to be quiet and not say a damn thing for the rest of 2010 which is how I'm already feeling inclined, so that shouldn't be too tough. Scheming I have been and I do have some major changes planned over the course of the year. I'll tell you how that all went down this time next year, but I will say making the new plans are energizing. People who are close to me won't be surprised, but some folks will be.

Last night I made a couple specific decisions and then I dreamed that I received the galleys to Bruce's (in waking life, already published) book. There were problems with the spine (there's aways problems with the spine), but the most shocking was that it was between 600-700 pages. How did I not notice that before? The book was too thick, it was falling apart. I wondered what I should do. Should I edit out poems? Shrink the font? And what would we do when it was time to publish his collected? Publish it in volumes? Then I questioned my decision to give his new book the same cover as PF's book, down to the same art and colors. And who should fix the spine, the cover designer of PF's book or Bruce's?

I wrote something on this blog about Bruce's book--to promote it, I guess. A nasty poet immediately posted a bunch of critical comments about my post on his own blog--about how I don't know how to market poetry books and how very annoying I am. He said he wanted my blog post out of his RSS Feed.

Then the dream switched again to Chris, Gideon and I going into a diner, us not getting the booth Chris wanted, my realizing I just got out of the shower and wasn't dressed, a water-shooting video game and a disagreement with some lady about whether or not I should have sent Chris off to do our laundry all by himself. I told her that Chris could handle our laundry on his own, in fact, it was his job.

* * *

Not sure what that all means. Sometimes my psyche is annoyingly cryptic.

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