Friday, December 31, 2010

guess the dream poet - part 1

Guess which poets listed (or possibly omitted) in the below dream anthology belongs in the blanks.

I find a chair and sit down. I see __(poet 1)__. I pretend to be asleep. I'm concerned he/she is going to approach me. He/she goes away but I still feel like he/she will be back sometime and then he/she is back. __(poet 1)__ starts the ritual and I'm the focus. __(poet 2)__ and __(poet 3)__ are assisting. I'm really shocked to see both of them, especially __(poet 2)__ who I thought would never in a million years become friends with __(poet 1)__ again. They're all around me, holding me, hugging me, trying to get me to forgive and like __(poet 1)__.

* * *

I'm in ______'s apartment. There's a really old radio and an old television. I comment about the radio being older than my Grandmother's and point out that she had a black and white TV until the mid-80's. The only show ______ watches on the television is the Facts of Life.

I offend ______. I said "fucking" for emphasis. I apologize. I tell ______ that I have a son and an trying to cut back on my swearing. ______ tells me he/she doesn't like being around that kind of language. Later on I'm speaking and I can tell that I offend him/her again. Apparently using the words "freaking" and "effing" also offend him/her. I'm a bit incredulous at this. That's how I've cut back my swearing, by replacing "fucking" with "freaking" and "effing." He/She doesn't think any of those words are appropriate.

* * *

I'm at a poetry conference. _______ is being creepy and forward. He tells me that he's left a trail food for me to follow to find his hotel room. I run down a hall and see the trail of food. There's actually several trials of different kinds of food, meat, cheese, bread. He must have been trying to lure all kinds of women. A police officer comes to arrest _______ and in all the confusion wants to arrest, or maybe just talk to me. It turns out that _______ has a stolen a lot of gold to lure women into his room. And the sex he was offering was without emotion or anything else.

* * *

I'm standing around a table with people who are supposed to be my cousins. My grandmother is sitting at the head of the table passing out gifts. She gives me my birthday gift: a little toy car with "smart" written on it. I show ________ the car and say "see, I'm smart." I also get a pencil. I put down my used Kleenex down and grab ________'s cheeks and tell him/her the difference between me and the previous generation is that I'll put down my snot rag down before I touch someone's face. ______ seems kind of grossed out. I tell him/her not to worry, that my hands are clean. But I know that they're probably germy.

* * *

I sit down at a cafe and __(poet 1)__ comes in with a friend. He/She sees me and starts to glare. His/Her friend asks if he/she would like to leave, but he/she decides to stay. I try not to look at him/her. I take out my notebook and write "psychic jealously" and right as I write "jealousy" __(poet 2)__ comes in and sits at my table. Now I remember, I'm here to meet __(poet 2)__. I wonder if __(poet 2)__ set this up and is trying to play __(poet 1)__ and me off of each other.