Friday, December 31, 2010

guess the dream poet - part 4

Guess which poets listed (or possibly omitted) in the below dream anthology belongs in the blanks.

I'm at a table with other people. We have to decide whether or not we're going to enter into some kind of challenge. It's four parts and there are deadly consequences. For the first challenge we have to select a particular button on a dog's collar. If we don't agree to to accept the challenge, the dog blows up. If we do, we have to press the accept button on the collar. __(poet 1)__ is participating in the challenge, but I also suspect that he's the one behind it. We press the button to accept the challenge and save the dog's life. Two women are controlling the mouse, this is being timed, the second thing we have to do is click on the button to proceed or __(poet 2)__ blows up. The decision is made last minute, each woman has selected a different button. I'm not sure if that's an accident or intentional meaning if they had different opinions or just weren't working well together. We decide to save __(poet 2)__ although it seems likes the button was clicked a second after the deadline and now I'm wondering if perhaps the dog and __(poet 2)__ might not have really exploded. Maybe __(poet 1)__ is just using the threat of explosion as an incentive.

* * *

I get on a rocket ship. __(poet 1)__ is in charge of the launch. I put on soft rubber shoes and special protective goggles to get ready for take off. I notice that in my bag there's double and I assume I'm supposed to share with __(poet 2)__ who's in the pod to my right. I notice in the pod to my left is Chris, aleep. I didn't realized that Chris was coming too. There's a real chance that we might never come back, so I quickly write a last will and testament on my cell phone in regard to Gideon's care. I also note that whoever gets Gideon, gets all of our money and possessions to take care of him. I try to email this to family members, but I'm not sure if I typed in the emails addresses correctly. I panic, I get off the rocket and hurry up and try to finish the will and leave copies that can also be found.

* * *

There was a national writing cabin, but it burned down. The Obamas had a new one built. It's beautiful and amazing. It was one of the first things they did when he got into office. Obama said, "put (the large amount) on the credit card and tell them I said to do it."

I'm considering renting a writing cabin. Either the national one or another that's relatively close by or one in Vermont that's far away. I'm thinking about announcing it and inviting other writers. I consider telling ______ we're full if he/she asks to join us.

* * *

I see _____. I'm very warm and affectionate with him/her. He/she tells me I'm pronouncing his/her name wrong. I'm pronouncing it ______as I saw him/her once explain in an interview, but he/she says it's pronounced something like O -Tn - O. I keep trying to say it, but I'm not sure I'm saying it right. I tell ______ about a writer who is even a bigger, more obnoxious self-promoter than he/she is. Then I introduce ______ to Chris. _____ makes a comment about Chris' sideburns looking really American. I say that Chris is really American, except he doesn't watch football. I give _____ a kiss goodbye. I try to say his/her name again, look back to ask if I said it right, but _____ is already sitting at a table working, so we keep going.

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