Monday, December 6, 2010

no telling

December is always a crunch time for me. I've already missed my self-imposed deadline (today) to respond to all No Tell Motel submissions. I've responded to roughly 5/6 of the submissions and, as of this writing, accepted 13, but still have 56 to consider for roughly 15-20 slots. When I get down to the final 100 or so submissions the process becomes a lot slower because they're all poems that I can find much to appreciate (even if in the end I don't take them). So if you're still waiting for a response, know that your work is being seriously considered and you should hear from me very soon. My new deadline is next Monday, but let's just say before Christmas.

I usually try to keep "No Tell" business off of this personal blog and post this kind of stuff up on No Tells--but I'm feeling quite jumbled and mixed at the moment. Probably because most of what I've been doing this past couple months has been No Tell related.

So let me take this opportunity to point you to the annual No Tells features in progress: Best Poetry Books of 2010 (a new list everyday) and the Poetry Shopping Holiday Guides by No Tell contributors. These are awesome lists and probably best considered as a collection, but individually they're interesting too.

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