Friday, December 31, 2010

guess the dream poet - part 3

Guess which poets listed (or possibly omitted) in the below dream anthology belongs in the blanks.

Chris and I drive past a bunch of large red "clay" snakes (large, cobra shaped). We try to avoid the snakes, but we get to a large house where we meet the Queen. We try to deceive her as we get away. We run, we try to avoid the snakes, running on the road, but they're there too. There's small room that we tried to escape out of. The door has a small hole in it. I have some type of poisonous spray--Chris is angry that I didn't tell him that I had it earlier. We could have trapped the Queen in the room and filled it with poison. I go towards the Queen. In it's human form--it's ______. I start to spray her with the poison, but she has her own poison spray and she sprays me back. I become consumed and begin to fall.

* * *

There are monsters all around and nobody is allowed to fight them. We're all terrorized. I start fighting them with the help of ______. There's a penalty for fighting the monsters, but I don't care. I fight the monsters like they were fought in ancient literature. I invoke Beowulf and other mythology. There's a baby that lures people near it, but when it gets into the water, it's a large monster. The key to killing this monster is killing it as a baby on land. I shoot the monster baby.

There are three animals that help us fight the monsters. One is a cat that can turn the monsters into stone. Another animal has four teeth that are numbered. Now we're really taking care of the monsters.

A vote is held -- most people are going to vote against the elders. We agree that we all need to fight the monsters.

* * *

I come home and find _____ having sex with a woman on my stove. ______ is my husband. I go upstairs feeling very depressed and sad. A man comes out of my bathroom. He's good looking, well-built and his name is Don. He also has scars and scratches on his chest. I think I'm supposed to recognize him from somewhere.

* * *

__(poet 1)__ is leaving message on my cellphone tormenting __(poet 2)__ about __(poet 3)__ and __(poet 3's)__ penis. Like they're his lovers competing, or maybe __(poet 1)__ is punishing __(poet 2)__. I wish the messages would stop.

* * *

I meet up with _______. He/She criticizes my nails, how I removed my nail polish, how I didn't get off all the polish under my nails, how they're dry. I look at them and see that one needs to be filed and another one's tip is only attached by a small piece. I remove it. He/she says I'm pronouncing his/her name wrong, which surprises me. He/she says everyone in VA does. His/her name is pronounced like (poet'sname)elk, which is difficult for me to say, but I try.

* * *

_____ is driving a car in Leesburg. He/she gets out and lets me drive. I get into the front seat with is full of snow, everything is covered in snow. Maybe this is a convertible. I'm having a difficult time reaching the pedal or finding the wheel. My body doesn't fit the mold ______'s body made in the snow.

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