Monday, August 17, 2009

All clear in the western ear

Gideon hasn't stuck anything else in his ear, so I haven't had much to write about. I have two tarot readings to do tonight before I leave town. It was a great promotion, sold over 40 books in one weekend which is pretty awesome. It's also a time-consuming offer, but I'm not complaining. I'm in much better psychic shape now than I was two weeks ago. Here, feel my psychic muscle, go on, feel it. Like an armadillo, I tell ya.

I dreamed that I wrote a psychology book that sold 200 copies in one month--and some of those were hardcover!

I also dreamed about Phil Collins. I hate dreaming about Phil Collins. Cause when I wake up I have to ask "what aspect of myself is like Phil Collins?" Some aspects of ourselves are just too painful to ponder. This was a sweaty, pit-stained Phil Collins. I don't want to integrate my sweaty, pit-stained Phil Collins into my psyche. I think I'll sweep that image right back where it belongs, into my shadow of all things unacknowledged and continue projecting that aspect onto others.

Yes, I think will. You all are sweaty, pit-stained Phil Collins, not me.

I'm Shakira dancing in a glittery vagina-like tunnel.


  1. Oh wow. You had to go there. I can never look at that tunnel in the same way again.

    So is Shakira a fetus, or...

  2. Shakira looks like she's dancing in someone's spasmodic colon, but damn that song is catchy.

  3. I like David Letterman in the mid-1980's, got down on my knees every night and prayed that Phil Collins would get more air-time.