Monday, August 10, 2009

Devil in my attic

One piece of advice that's appeared in several readings I've done so far, is for the readee to acknowledge, accept and embrace her demons. Depending on the placement, that's what The Devil card can mean. The idea is that once you accept a part of yourself that you'd rather not acknowledge, you become free of its hold over you. You'll stop projecting those aspects that you don't like about yourself onto other people.

Last night I dreamed:

There's a devil statue in my attic. A man approached me and offered his help to get rid of it, but I had to be careful because the devil statue could hear everything I said. Then I became suspicious that maybe the man was trying to trick me to get close to the statue. 3 people I know (1 poet/writer, a past co-worker of mine and one of Chris') were trying to build a machine to wake up the devil statue. I tried to stop them. I tried to hide parts they were using to build the machine. But it was no use. They were gonna wake up the devil.

Guess I better practice making my devil kissie-face. Today I mediated on the devil statue waking up. He slid down a fireman's pole from the attic, danced on stage with a top hat, then he turned into a frog. I kissed the frog.

Who's my devil frog prince you ask? Hah hah.

Meditate on your own devils, why don't you.


  1. Good advice for all...
    PS my son shoved a pebble up his nose when he was 5. Maybe it's a guy thing.

  2. I don't recall shoving anything into any of my orifices, but I must admit that almost all the people who I know who did were guys.

  3. My understanding of The Devil card, from many years ago, was that it represented sheer will, even to the point of aggression, possibly. That's why the horns, all the phallic symbology. Rather than passively leaving things "in god's hands," The Devil represents taking action, doing, taking matters into one's own hands. Like anything else, that kind of will can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on a lot of different things.