Sunday, August 9, 2009

Less Humorous

This evening we pulled this blue button out of Gideon's ear.

I held his head down, while Chris extracted it with tweezers.

It was almost looking like another one of those wacky emergency room visits.

The button was in there pretty good.

There was no explanation as to why Gideon crammed a blue button into his ear.

I also forgot to feed TB's cats this weekend.

I know, if I was really psychic I would have felt their grumbling bellies.

How does one make that up to a cat?


  1. He did it for the same reason I crammed blue play-dough into my nose at about the same age. It also had to be removed with tweezers.

    (What the reason is, well, that's a secret. You know, it's a guy thing; you wouldn't understand.)

  2. You must be right. We saw "Aliens in the Attic" last night and at the end of the movie I said to Gideon "Sometimes parents just don't understand what's really going on." and he was quick to agree.

  3. You can not make that up, but you can do something else for the cat, like a buy him a nice sponge and give him nice massages, and try not to show him ever again anything that reminds him of his lost thing.
    It is amazing how much an insignificant thing can represent for a complex being.

    take good care

  4. When I was little (somewhere under 5 years old), one time I put a pea in one of my nostrils, and it wouldn't come out. So we went to the doctor's office. (This was back in the 1950's, when you could still get into a doctor's office for things like that sometimes.)

    In the examining room, while we were waiting for the doctor, the nurse was checking things out, and she "scolded" me a little for putting a pea in my nose, and I freaked out a little and started crying, and crying made the pea come out of my nose.

    Almost sounds like a scene from a fairy tale when I tell it now.

    Another time, when I was around the same age, one day I accidentally locked everybody out of the bathroom. The bathroom had one of those button locks in the doorknob on the inside, I pressed the button in, and then shut the door from the outside, and then it was locked.

    And nobody had a key. So my mom and dad between them managed to pick the lock with a hairpin or something. As I recall, once they got the door open, the first thing my dad did after that was disable the button lock on the doorknob...