Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm officially "reconnected" and back to life.

It was a really phenomenal summer, yet I'm happy for it to be ending, looking forward to returning to my schedule, sending Gideon to school, see the leaves change color.

I intentionally did not write a single poem over the summer. I take creative energy breaks between writing projects to recharge. I'm feeling recharged. I also just took on another project, one that is the equivalent to adding my name to the sign-up sheet for grief. I'm doing it because I feel strongly about it. More about that later.

Gideon will be doing two "activities" this fall: soccer and yoga. At the beach, he saw a cousin do yoga and was interested. This fits into my life too. We can do it together. I'm switching from pilates back to yoga in September. After Gideon was born, I switched to pilates because it was more "result" oriented. But I don't think I feel as good after pilates. And it's too loud and busy. A bunch of yack yack yack. I'd rather be somewhere quiet. I haven't told the pilates studio yet. I've been going there for 4 years and I feel like I'm dumping a friend or something. I think I'm just going to tell them that I miss yoga and only have the budget and time for one, which is the truth. I'll tell them that I'll still practice pilates at home, which will be a lie.

I've been doing some meditation, mind exercises and active imagination. I lost 8 pounds since April. The meditation and imagination stuff wasn't to lose weight, but that's been one of the pleasant side effects. Apparently I was storing a lot of people's negative energy in my ass.

I just caught up with all my blog reading and most of my email correspondence. I already feel the heaviness attaching itself. Time to visualize sending certain people to burn in the Earth's core.

It's OK, it's not really them bursting into a million flaming pieces. It's just their unwanted, poisonous energy.

No poets are harmed in the creation of this visualization.


  1. Can meditation really make people lose weight? how does that work? That's a win-win, isn't it?

  2. I never read anywhere that claimed that--although I read in a book how psychics are often overweight when they don't expel the energy of the people they help when they're finished.

    Since April I've been visually expelling other people's energy (and calling back my energy from people who I feel like are holding onto it). I haven't changed or increased my exercise routine or changed my diet. I feel lighter every time I do it, so I'm making the very unscientific and unprovable claim that it's helping me lose weight.

  3. I have begun to wonder, after taking on the 6-month-so-far task of writing a poem a day, if creative breaks are in fact necessary.

    I'm beginning to think they are.

  4. We are not meant to churn output like machines.