Wednesday, August 5, 2009


All my dreams are relevant and timely:

Chris' 'healing hands' are successfully realigning people's backs. He realigns poets' backs, poets who I believe have lost their way, poets who I feel have hurt me. They all suffered serious back pain, but with a few deft adjustments, Chris fixes that. I make a joke that these poets should pay him homage--that Poet 1 should draw him as a statue with a very large penis and Poet 2 should give him a golden cow. Chris tells me he's a little tired. In addition to the poets, he also realigned 15 other people's backs during his walk on the beach this morning.


  1. Does he only cure poet? cause I do not consider one myself, but I am going to show you a poem I consider good, does it count?

    I thought I had a dream once
    A shadow in the back of my mind
    A song unsung
    I ran toward it
    It receded
    I reached out to touch it
    Fingertips pleading
    It stepped out of the shadows
    Taunting me, teasing me, laughing
    Then receded again

  2. I think he was curing poets in the dream because he was working with my psyche. He won't be so specialized in the "real world."

    Thanks for sharing the poem, our "dream" is that when the world as we know it changes in 2012 -- our family is going the way of the traveling hippie. We'll go around and sell and trade our services. I'll do dream interpretations, Chris will do massages and well, we're still figuring out Gideon's skill, but there's still time for that.

    Keep an eye out for our van!