Thursday, August 6, 2009


Is Reb Livingston unethical?


  1. Have you checked out the Salt Publishing 'Just One Book' campaign yet? As far as I know nobody's tried it over on your side of the pond yet ...

  2. I have checked it out and blogged about it on No Tells -- I'm quite sad (but not entirely shocked) to hear that nobody over here has taken them up on their offer. I've purchased books from them in the past -- and must say that their response was fabulous, as are their books.

  3. Seth Abramson's done a nice pitch for No Tell today. Don't know what the squabble's about though.

    Catching a dose of viral advertising is probably less painful than swine flu. I'll do a blog post, too, urging people to check out the NoTell bookstore - I've only got a couple of blog readers but maybe they'll bite.

    See? I'm infected already - that Shafer Hall book looks interesting ...

  4. The Shafer Hall book IS interesting. :)

    Our books are distributed and available via Lulu and retail outlets on your side of the pond. Thank you.

  5. Bought, and blogged (for what it's worth).

    I'll not claim my free tarot reading. My aura is too crystal to make an impression on the cards ...