Friday, October 31, 2014

Where to Get Bombyonder

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Dingbat. Assbeast. Boomba. And, for some reason, ‘vomit’ and ‘penis'."

While this is clearly a negative review, I consider it complimentary (despite the reviewer's intention). I do feel bad that she felt obligated to finish reading it and review it when she clearly disliked it so much, but I very much appreciated that she did.

There are parts that seem to tell a quite interesting story – for instance, the book starts and ends with a father creating a ‘kind’ bomb, upon which the daughter murders the father – but this narrative is too fragmented, too much interspersed with incomprehensible lists and separate poems, and this makes it impossible for the reader to follow the narrator. The work contains shrapnels of keen insights, but they are written in too dream-like a manner: these insights appear within a jumble of incoherent messages, the narrator skipping from one to another without differentiating between the profound and the ridiculous. There are words that are repeated so often you’ll start either loving or detesting them. Dingbat. Assbeast. Boomba. And, for some reason, ‘vomit’ and ‘penis'.

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