Sunday, July 5, 2015


Have you been keeping up with the Misfit Documents over at Queen Mobs Teahouse? I've been having a lot of fun editing the department.

If you have a "misfit document," here's the submission guidelines.

A few weeks ago there was a "violent micro burst" in our neighborhood.

At least 10 homes were hit by trees, several so severely they're now uninhabitable. Luckily for us, our home was spared.

The shed was spared too. Here's the latest progress:

G is a rising 5th grader, 5 feet tall and size 8 shoe. Can you believe we let him stay up late to watch Conan the Barbarian (original)? We didn't remember Conan being such a lothario. Awkward.

And he fell asleep right before the big ending!

In a couple weeks we're going to Iceland and Prague. We're excited.

I'm enjoying my summer by limiting my time on social media. So far a good bit of enjoyment.

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